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Solutions : Project Management

Whereas Project Management is an attempt to manage a project within an allocated time frame and budget, On-Demand Service Management suite 'optimizes' the value and efficiency of an enterprise's most critical resource: people. Because a service provider's reputation depends heavily on timely execution within the budget, Digiprise Project Management Solution is normally supplied with cross-functional capabilities that are integrated into back-office resource management comprising of HR and expense management modules as well as front-office opportunity management comprising of sales, marketing and support.


The following are the components of the Project Management module :

Project Definition: This section deals with defining the project in terms of duration, resources, estimates, cost and project manager. Once a project is defined a project code is assigned to the project. Also once the project is defined then escalation policies can be defined.

Task / Milestone Management: This sections deals with Defining Tasks, Milestones for a defined project. Each task can be assigned with resources both human and assets. Also each task can be linked to have predecessor & successor tasks. When the task is updated all the dependent dates on other tasks are updated.

Resource Allocation & Management: When a resource is allocated to a project a request is sent to the manager for approval then the resource is allocated. Also in the resources section is a summary of resources coming available in the next 2 weeks, or one month. A resource search is also provided for searching on a resource with the requisite skill sets or years of experience.

Project Escalations: Escalations can be defined on a project if the project or tasks get delayed by a specified number of days. An escalation also happens if the project overshoots a budgeted amount. For the escalations there are also provisions to do recurring escalations.

Project Estimation: Project Estimation is done at a presales stage. This is a basic estimation before the start of the project for Initial budget.

Project Budgeting: Budgets are calculated based on resource utilization and project times. Also resources cost & asset cost is taken into account for computing budgets.

Customer Acceptance / Billing Checklists: This allows users to define tasks to indicate a project is billable, including a provision for customer to sign off.


The following are the features of the Project Management module

Reporting: Our reporting tool is a very flexible and customizable tool that we have developed. We have some pre packaged reports as a part of the system. But also we have developed a custom reporting tool which is an interactive report builder to build, sort, filter reports. This tool helps users create their own reports in addition to the ones provided.

Custom Fields: Custom Fields is a feature provided to add customize screen with user specified fields. Also administrator users can create a rule that defines custom field usage.

Escalations: Escalations of project for budgets and duration


The following are the key benefits of using this module :

To derive the estimated / actual time to complete the project
To know the resources utilized on the project
To find out the estimated / actual cost of the project
Proactive information to customer regarding project status
To escalate when schedule / cost exceeds the planned schedule / cost
To trigger billing when the project is completed.

Resource Management is a key part of managing the bottom line. The biggest uncontrollable cost today is the "Cost of Services". Digiprise Resource Management module helps in reducing the cost of services. The module helps in managing resources efficiently & effectively so that the costs of delivery of services are reduced thereby helping the bottom line.


The following are the key components of the resource management module :

1. Asset Management
2. Resource Recruitment
3. Leave Management
4. Expense Management
5. Purchase Requisition

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