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Solutions : Marketing Automation

Digiprise Marketing Automation application provides you with timely reports on the effectiveness of your various marketing campaigns to help you optimize your valuable time and resources. Also helps in defining and organizing Products / Services materials with pricing schemes and data sheets.

This powerful module helps you to input various campaign related data like marketing spend, time and other resources and easily analyze the type of responses received and leads generated, based on which accurate target market segmentation can be done.


Following are two components of this module :

Products : This section helps in organizing product marketing materials and setting product pricing schemes. All product data are accessible to sales persons in the sales modules. Also helps in defining product numbers for quote generation purposes. This section also allows users to attach product data sheets and presentation.

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Marketing Campaigns : Marketing Campaigns are built using an interactive campaign builder which helps is defining the questions and content of the email campaign and upload Email lists to send it to. Also once response is received the tool helps in analyzing responses by ratings or criteria to qualify them and transport them into the sales leads section.

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The following are the features of the Marketing module :

Reporting: Our reporting tool is a very flexible and customizable tool that we have developed. We have some pre packaged reports as a part of the system. But also we have developed a custom reporting tool which is an interactive report builder to build, sort, filter reports. This tool helps users create their own reports in addition to the ones provided.

Custom Fields: Custom Fields is a feature provided to add customize screen with user specified fields. Also administrator users can create a rule that defines custom field usage.

Import from Excel: This feature gives administrator users the ability to upload Email lists into the application from an excel spreadsheet. Each column in the excel spreadsheet is mapped to the fields in the database before uploading. Also exports of leads into excel file helps in exporting data out of the application.


following are the benefits of the marketing module

Analyze campaign effectiveness for clear target market segmentation
Manage target lists - Analyze responses and track them
Generate leads through campaign responses
Make an effective e-mail campaign
Manage products (pricing, data sheets, pricing)

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