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Why Digiprise

One Place, One Instance, One Master View of the Customer

How is Digiprise different from the other solutions available in the market:

360 degree view of the customer : Most solutions available are point solutions for, say sales force automation or customer service & support functions. Digiprise offers an complete enterprise wide solution that provides a 360 degree view of the customer, service tickets, revenues, sales orders, contracts, what he bought ? what are the service levels? Align business goals with business processes : Digiprise helps customers translate their business goals, assigned to various departments, into Key Performance Indicators that in turn translates into milestones, activities and tasks for employees.

Easy to implement : Provided on a web-based platform, Digiprise is easy to implement, and setup for your company. Though self intuitive, the interface is provided with online help for various modules.

Faster and increased ROI : Since Digiprise provides a complete, integrated solution there is no need to integrate various point solutions. This helps in reduced costs and increased ROI.

Affordable solution : Digiprise provides an affordable solution packaged in user packs that scales with the size and complexity of the organization compared to the competitors. There are no hidden integration costs, upfront licensing costs usually associated with On-Demand Service Management.

Your success is our mission : In Digiprise our mission is to make our customers successful by providing them a way to provide excellent service to their customers.

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