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Solutions : Customer Service and Support

The goal of Digiprise Customer Service and Support module is to effectively manage all customer service requests and provide a real-time analytics and reports.

This web-based customer service solution enables valuable customer interactions and improves organizational effectiveness in terms of handling the customer requests systematically.

One of the key features of this module is defining escalation policies to ensure that the customer's service requests are tracked and resolved in the optimal manner. To do that a configurable workflow engine has been included. The engine can be configured for setting up escalation policies to ensure that each problem is tracked till closure thereby achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.


The Key components of this module are :

Customer Management : This section includes defining the customer with service/product purchased, points of contact for ongoing support and service levels agreed upon in the contract. Prices and costs being transparent to the support teams are always the case. Escalation policies are also defined for the customer based on priority or status.

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Trouble Tickets Management : This section deals with creating or editing a trouble ticket. Trouble tickets have priority like High, Medium and Low and also have Status or Sub Status to accurately describe the problem. Based on the problem type and severity a support representative is automatically assigned to the problem. Also a problem description area describes the problem for the support personnel to act on. Logs of all customer responses are maintained. At any point of time the status gives the accurate description of the stage of the ticket. According to the stage of the ticket a color coding also indicates the stage or the escalation level. Tickets can be transferred by the support manager from one designated owner to another user.

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Escalation Management : Escalation Management is done through an interactive workflow engine where Escalation is based on either priority of the ticket or the status of the ticket. Escalations are done either to the supervisor or other users. Also three levels of recurring escalations can be defined.

Knowledge Management : Our CS&S module contains a Knowledge base & FAQ that consists of problems and solutions to customer issues. This gives the ability for the support person to use the knowledge base to resolve problems in a timely manner.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Management : After a trouble ticket is closed a Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent to the customer with some questions. Each question has a weightage attached to it to compute a Customer Satisfaction score. If the score is below a threshold an Escalation is sent to the support manager to deal with a customer satisfaction issue.


The following are the features of the Customer Service & Support module :

Reporting : Our reporting tool is a very flexible and customizable tool that we have developed. We have some pre packaged reports as a part of the system. But also we have developed a custom reporting tool which is an interactive report builder to build, sort, filter reports. This tool helps users create their own reports in addition to the ones provided.

Custom Fields : Custom Fields is a feature provided to add customize screen with user specified fields. Also admin users can create a rule that defines custom field usage.

Import / Export from Excel : This feature gives administrator users the ability to upload customer into the application from an excel spreadsheet. Each column in the excel spreadsheet is mapped to the fields in the database before uploading. Also exports of leads into excel file helps in exporting data out of the application.

Surveys for customer satisfaction

Escalations based on Priority or Status

Web Based Trouble Ticketing : This feature is a B2B tool for their customers to enter tickets and preview status of tickets through the web.

Support User Mapping : This feature allows admin user to setup a mapping of support personnel to issues so that tickets can be auto assigned.

Response Time and Resolution Time Measurement : Our application tracks the time taken for first response and also the resolution time for closing the trouble ticket.


The key benefits of using this module are :

Improved Service Cycle-Time: All the information relating to the service requests are captured and routed to respective service personnel for speedy resolutions.

Escalation Management: Managing ticket/issue escalation based on customer SLAs.

Improved Quality of Product or Services: The service requests are classified as per the type of problems or defects. The analysis based on the nature of the problems forms the critical input for improving the quality of the product or services.

Better Contract Review: As there is a complete visibility across various problem resolution stages, you can ensure that contact timelines are met.

Better Time Management: The personal productivity aids like calendar, clock etc., help service personnel to manage their time better.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The customer survey helps in metering and maintaining customer satisfaction levels.

Improved Time-to-Resolution: The vast repository of knowledgebase containing solutions to problems helps the service personnel to automate the problem resolution activity.

Improved Turnaround Time: The predefined & custom reports help service managers to analyze the problems and solutions based on various parameters and improve upon the turnaround time for solving support problems.

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